Escape Game Cosmos, Exit Now. Athens.
Escape Game Cosmos, Exit Now. Athens.
Escape Game Cosmos, Exit Now. Athens.

Escape Game Cosmos

Players 3—4 players
Age Age restriction 14+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 13—16 € per player

About the game Cosmos

The evolution of the planet dies. A new galaxy is devouring our own through a dark portal. You and your super team, will teleport in Eden space station via the latest-technology COSMOS capsule. With your teleportation to the station you will be equipped with special uniform, which will provide 60′ of oxygen and many abilities. You will be able to fly in zero gravity, to destroy your enemies with laser and to move objects with telekinesis. The intercommunication among your team is necessary because the instructions you will receive from earth will be limited. Beware the black hole is getting closer! Work together for the salvation of us all. We hope to achieve your mission and hopefully return back to earth… alive!

Photos escape game Cosmos


Address escape game Cosmos

Athens, ΙΑΚΧΟΥ 5, 11845 GAZI, ATHENS
+30 215 ... Show phone number

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