Escape Game Monster, Athens Clue. Glyfada.
Escape Game Monster, Athens Clue. Glyfada.
Escape Game Monster, Athens Clue. Glyfada.

Escape Game Monster

Players 3—6 players
Age Age restriction 16+
Time 70 min. to complete
Price 45—72 € per team

About the game Monster

You’re having a hard time getting your eyes to focus. But it certainly looks like there’s a man in front of you. His eyes don’t blink, and they seem to be too large for his face. His mouth hangs open. Drool and blood trail down his chin. And then he starts chasing after you…

Darkness has risen from the depths of the abyss, and the monsters are hungry. It’s kill or be eaten as they  want to dine on your delicious flesh and brains – it’s a dead man’s party.

In a world where bloodthirsty creatures outnumber humans, it is impossible to tell the difference between men and the monsters.

Will you manage to escape…or will you be eaten?

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Address escape game Monster

Glyfada, Xanthou 3, Glifada 166 74
(+30) 21 ... Show phone number

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